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Back Pain New York NY

Back pain is one of the most common pain-related issues and poor posture is often to blame. To some, good posture doesn’t come naturally. In the short term, poor posture can feel good because it involves relaxing the muscles in the back. However, over time this puts strain on the spine and weakens the muscles in the back, exacerbating the problem.

Posture Tips While Sitting

Avoid sitting slumped on your chair, or slouching. Keep your feet flat against the floor and keep your knees in line with your hips, or slightly higher. If you can adjust your chair, adjust it so that you can sit close to your desk. If your chair twists, make sure that you turn your whole body and that you don’t twist at the waist. Sit at the back of your chair and rest your elbows, arms and shoulders. Avoid moving toward the front of the chair or leaning forward.

If you are working with a computer, especially a laptop, ensure that the position of the screen isn’t low. Adjust the screen or raise up the laptop with a laptop stand so that you can sit straight and look straight ahead, not down. Looking down at a screen can cause muscular and postural problems; this is the same for looking at your phone.

You should consider an ergonomic office chair if you sit for long periods of time. A lumbar roll can also be considered to support the curve of your spine. However, you should avoid sitting in the same position for too long. Move around or stand up every 30 minutes. It is also best to avoid keeping items in your back pocket, as this can cause imbalances and serious sudden injury while sitting down quickly.

Posture Tips While Standing Up

While standing you should imagine that a string is pulling you up from the top of your head. Keep your shoulders back and keep your feet apart about hip distance. Avoid leaning on one side; try to evenly distribute your weight on both sides. Pull in your abdomen and raise your chin so that you are facing forward, not slouching. Avoid tilting your head and looking down as you walk. If you are lifting or carrying heavy objects, try to keep the objects close to the chest and lift with the legs and abdominal muscle, not the lower back. Maintain a straight back while lifting.

If you suffer from back pain of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact Caliber Pain. We are a team of highly qualified specialists in pain treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. We can help you find solutions for back pain.

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