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From taking days off to not performing at your best, the impact of chronic pain on work life is very real. You may lose wages and career opportunities without an effective treatment plan. Managing pain is the most conservative approach, but some sufferers may benefit from surgery.

Sustained employment relies on the ability to show up and perform the tasks within your role. This is often made difficult or impossible because of chronic pain and other symptoms like fatigue. When your pain management program is not bearing results, Caliber Pain can help.

Physical Therapies

Medications combined with the right physical therapy plan can dramatically reduce pain and discomfort from conditions like arthritis. A specialist physical therapist can introduce elements from related treatments, such as sports medicine. This allows the therapist to better tailor treatment to the individual’s needs.

If you are currently receiving physical therapy but treatment has failed to produce results, Caliber Pain is available for consultation. We are committed to ensuring that patients are not provided generic treatment plans. All aspects of our physical therapy are individualized to reflect the unique experiences of our patients.

Advanced Surgical Techniques

When pain persists due to extensive joint or cartilage damage, surgical repair may become the most viable and effective solution. Chronic pain is often the result of deterioration of the joint that cannot be addressed with medications and therapies alone. At Caliber Pain, we aim to approach surgery from a conservative viewpoint. Our minimally invasive surgical joint repair techniques can significantly reduce the symptoms of chronic pain.

Call Caliber Pain today if you believe that your chronic joint pain is being mismanaged in New York. You can schedule a telemedicine consultation to discuss symptoms, previous treatment solutions and the impact that chronic pain has on your working life.

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