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Headache Tension New York, NY

Since news of the novel coronavirus first came out, American lives, and lives around the world, were changed. Life as you knew it came to a halt in one way or another. Now, there is a new reality to contend with. The stress of this new world can cause serious headache pain as tension mounts in your body.

How Do You Hold Tension?

When under pressure, people have a tendency to hold tension in different parts of the body. For some, it is in their lower back, causing back pain. For others, it can be in the neck and/or shoulders. This can lead to headache pain. Some individuals clench or grind their teeth, leading to jaw and/or headache pain.

Muscles tighten as tension grows, and this exacerbates pain in the body. When stress is prolonged, an episodic headache that usually lasts only an hour or less can last several days, weeks or longer. Pain on top of stress is not a good combination, even in the best of times.

Finding Relief

Relaxation practices can be very therapeutic in relieving headache pain. Over-the-counter pain medication is effective for many individuals. More active individuals may find that exercise helps lower stress levels. Redirecting your mind to less stressful activities, like reading an engaging book, can also be helpful.

Self-care is crucial, especially in times like these. Eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep are important factors in maintaining lower stress levels. Some individuals have also found limiting their intake of news is helpful. However, if you have headaches that seem to never end, finding and treating the cause is most beneficial.

Physical conditions are often the source of chronic tension headaches. After a while, tight muscles may need intervention from something other than that which is available over the counter. Inflammation in shoulder, neck and jaw muscles put pressure on nerves in your head, causing headaches. Simple relaxation techniques may not be enough at this point.

When most methods of relieving your headache pain have proven fruitless, you can turn to the team at Caliber Pain™ for accurate diagnosis and treatment. We will determine the cause of your tension headache pain and create a treatment plan for effective relief. Contact us for more information.

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