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Pain management is a constant challenge for sufferers of chronic health conditions. If you are going through intensive treatment and rehabilitation, relieving stress is a large part of the process. At Caliber Pain, we have created several patient processes that offer convenience and affordability.

Pain that slows you down in any way can cause distress. The inability to participate in daily activities, whether at work or play, is a common impact of chronic pain. With our conservative modalities, patients are offered long-term solutions in New York.


A major barrier to finding lasting relief from pain for many patients is the inconvenience of attending appointments. When you are too busy to attend an in-office session, telemedicine may be a suitable alternative. Caliber Pain is committed to ensuring our patients can access effective pain management solutions without experiencing unnecessary stress.

All-in-One Treatment Solutions

Wherever possible, patients will most benefit from an all-in-one treatment approach. Attending multiple appointments with different doctors who don’t know your history can become stressful. Our treatment plans are designed to ensure that you consistently deal with the same knowledgeable and compassionate medical team.

Same-Day Appointments

Are you struggling to find time to make appointments? At our Midtown Manhattan offices, we can offer same-day diagnosis and treatment. Quickly determining the needs of patients is a core principle of the Caliber Pain ethos. This convenient option allows patients to take advantage of instant care in New York.

Flexibility in Treatment

Overall, Caliber Pain is dedicated to offering flexible treatment and payment solutions. We want to ensure that our patients are concentrating on pain management, rehabilitation and recovery. By relieving the stress associated with all aspects of your treatment, you can make significant improvements in a shorter time frame.

Call Caliber Pain if you would like to learn more about the benefits of our approach, or to book your first appointment today.

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460 Park Ave, 8th Floor
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