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Lack of confidence is a major obstacle when adjusting to the impacts of an injury or medical condition. Reduced mobility, pain and discomfort are just some of the issues you may face. Pushing yourself too much could have potentially negative results, which makes most people think twice.

Part of occupational therapy involves helping you make the necessary changes to improve quality of life. With the right support and direction, most people are able to regain some control over mobility and pain management.

Assistive Devices

An occupational therapist will assess whether you need assistive devices and determine which devices will provide the most benefits. You can regain much of your lost confidence knowing that there are aides to help with everyday chores and activities.

It is important to think of assistive devices as an extension of the self. It will take time to get the hang of using various aides. However, the occupational therapist will help you along the way. Every patient is different, which is why Caliber Pain offers individualized treatment plans.

Personal & Work-Life Adjustments

Along with assistive aids and tailored strengthening exercises, an occupational therapist will help you adjust in your personal and work-life. Rehabilitation is geared toward giving the patient all the tools necessary to remain as productive and happy as possible.

In the workplace, reasonable adjustments are recommended by the occupational therapist. Working on issues such as balance, mobility and motor skills will make a difference in how you interact with any environment. However, assistive devices may become necessary to adjust an environment to your needs.

If you have suffered an injury or medical condition that affects your quality of life, an experienced occupational therapist can provide crucial support. Call Caliber Pain today to learn more about our approach to treatment in New York.

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