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You may benefit from working with a physical therapist after an injury or surgery. However, benefits will vary depending on your needs. Each individual engages in an adaptive treatment plan, aimed at achieving specific goals.

There are countless benefits associated with physical therapy. The key to success is working with a provider who understands your requirements. At Caliber Pain, we are committed to providing every patient with the tools to heal or improve physical performance.

Preventing Injuries

As a proactive modality, physical therapy can prevent you from suffering injuries. This treatment option is especially beneficial to athletes and individuals who do strenuous work. If you want to stay in peak physical condition, Caliber Pain can help.

Physical therapy is sometimes an effective alternative to surgery. You can avoid downtime due to recovery, and treatment does not result in scarring. Your Caliber Pain specialist will always recommend non-invasive solutions where possible.

Improved Athletic Performance

Injuries may impact on your ability to perform as an athlete. A sports physical therapist can create a treatment plan to relieve pain and restore normal movement. You will also benefit from improved muscle strength, balance and coordination.

It is possible to improve wound healing with physical therapy. This can reduce the time taken away from sporting activities. Wounds that heal badly can hamper your performance or lead to early retirement. Reach out to Caliber Pain if you need support during your recovery.

Promote Healthy Movement & Exercise

How you move and exercise can negatively affect joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your physical therapist will provide education on healthy body kinetics. Effective exercise can also strengthen the limbs and improve movement. With the right support, you can remain relatively pain free for the rest of your life.

Patients with conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis will benefit from physical therapy. Movement can prevent joints from becoming stiff or painful. Learning to exercise in the right way will greatly reduce your symptoms.

Call Caliber Pain today to book a consultation with one of our experienced physical therapists. We look forward to helping you on your journey toward better health.

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