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If you have painful arthritis symptoms in your knees or other joints, you might think that the last thing you should do is get more active. However, frequent walking, stretching and other activities can help reduce arthritis pain and improve general mobility.

Benefits of Walking with Knee Arthritis

Walking may seem counterintuitive when you have severe arthritis pain in the knee, but it can provide several benefits, including:

  • Keeping the joints lubricated
  • Maintaining healthy cartilage
  • Protecting the knee
  • Boosting blood flow to the tissues
  • Lowering weight to reduce knee strain
  • Strengthening the muscles that support the knee

You should consult your doctor before starting or restarting any exercise program to be sure your joints are healthy enough to handle the stress. Walking is a great option for many people with knee arthritis, since it is a low-impact activity that will not put too much pressure on the joints. Walking can also maintain a healthy range of motion in the knee and prevent it from getting too stiff.

How Much Can You Walk with Knee Arthritis?

When it comes to walking with knee arthritis, consistency and moderation are key. Patients are advised to start with 10-15 minutes of gentle walking each day and work up to half an hour over time. After that, you can walk for 30 minutes or break it up with shorter walks throughout the day.

To ensure your safety and comfort while walking with arthritis, follow these tips:

  • Before walking, lightly stretch and warm up the muscles.
  • Select the proper terrain. For example, a soft surface like a jogging track may be better than concrete.
  • Avoid overdoing it. Start by doing short, comfortable walks at a moderate pace.
  • Walk when your knees are most comfortable.
  • Ask your doctor’s advice before beginning a new fitness regimen.

Relieve Chronic Knee Pain

Knee arthritis is a degenerative illness that will worsen if left untreated. The disease cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be managed, and the disease’s progression can be slowed for greater comfort and mobility.

If you have knee arthritis and want to learn more about advanced treatment options, contact us at Caliber Pain™ today to schedule a consultation. Our interventional pain specialists create personalized treatment plans for each patient based on their particular needs.

At our cutting-edge medical facility in UES New York City, we offer a variety of treatments for knee arthritis, including corticosteroid injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, viscosupplementation and regenerative medicine. We look forward to helping you reduce symptoms and reclaim control over your life.

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