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You may have heard that more medical providers are beginning to offer telemedicine appointments to patients? There are several benefits to this type of service. However, telemedicine is not designed to replace face-to-face interactions between patient and doctor completely.

A telemedicine appointment can involve a phone or video call. Additionally, multiple parties can participate, allowing patients to benefit from input from multiple medical professionals. How a telemedicine appointment is conducted will depend on the nature of care involved and the needs of each patient.

Travel Restrictions

Patients who are unable to travel or may face difficulties doing so are prime candidates for telemedicine appointments. Not only do these patients benefit from reduced physical or emotional strain, but there are also potential financial savings associated with not having to travel.

Ongoing Rehabilitation or Physical Therapies

Although many rehabilitation and physical therapies may require physical treatment, ongoing programs may not necessitate a medical professional in the room. In these instances, patients may get more from a treatment plan through telemedicine aftercare.

Non-Physical Examinations

Your doctor may wish to conduct an examination to determine the nature of a condition or injury. In some cases, medical professionals can facilitate such an exam over a video call. If there are further concerns, your doctor may arrange an in-office follow-up.

X-rays & Imaging

When you visit your orthopedic surgeon or neurology specialist to discuss x-rays or other imaging results, it means taking time out of your busy day. Reviewing x-rays, images or other test results is the ideal type of scenario where telemedicine makes more sense for both patient and doctor.

Greater Flexibility

Overall, telemedicine offers greater flexibility to patients who face difficulties making appointments. Whether you are prevented by pain, work obligations, or childcare needs, the ability to conduct speak to your doctor without having to leave home or the office is invaluable.

At Caliber Pain, we offer diagnosis and treatment for various conditions. Our specialists offer premium care for joint problems, neurology, rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports medicine and more. Call today to book a telemedicine appointment.

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