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Lumbar Facet Syndrome Treatment

A facet joint exists between each vertebra in the spine, allowing flexibility to bend, twist and lift. The cartilage in these joints helps protect the spinal bones from friction and allows for smooth movement of the joints. The lumbar facet joints are under excessive strain, supporting the bulk of the spine. When the cartilage deteriorates, it can cause lumbar facet pain syndrome. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ in New York City offer lumbar facet syndrome treatment to give patients relief from lower back pain.

What Causes Lumbar Facet Syndrome?

Wear and tear of the cartilage in facet joints can be caused by a variety of factors. Regular wear and tear with aging can contribute to lost cartilage in facet joints, but excessive weight can hasten this process. Reduced synovial fluid from lower production of hyaluronic acid can increase friction and loss of cartilage in joints. When the cartilage becomes thin, inflammation can occur in the lumbar facet joints, resulting in irritation of the spinal nerve roots, causing localized low back pain and radiating pain into the legs.

Reducing Lumbar Facet Joint Pain

The body does not replace lost cartilage, but there are treatments to help reduce friction, inflammation and pain caused by lumbar facet syndrome. Conservative treatments include losing weight, physical therapy and using anti-inflammatory medications. For chronic facet syndrome pain, our physicians create personalized treatment plans that may include interventional and regenerative medicine options to reduce inflammation and improve soft tissue healing. We utilize the most advanced options to slow down facet joint deterioration to reduce pain and improve spinal function.

Stress on the lumbar facet joints can lead to cartilage deterioration, pain and limited mobility. If you have lower back pain and want relief, come see our pain doctors at Caliber Pain™. We offer effective lumbar facet syndrome treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in Midtown Manhattan.

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