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How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Helps Fibromyalgia Pain

Chronic Pain New York NY

If you’re living with fibromyalgia, the constant pain can hijack your life in numerous ways. It can negatively affect your relationships, your mood and your overall quality of life. Finding relief can be frustrating. Many people are turning to ketamine infusion therapy as an effective way to tackle their pain symptoms. Here’s how ketamine infusion…

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Surprising Causes for Sciatica

Back Pain New York NY

Any type of back pain can be immobilizing and can hold you back from experiencing a high quality of life. Sciatica is especially concerning and can be linked to higher rates of obesity, strokes, hypertension and heart disease. Below are some surprising reasons you could be experiencing sciatica, as well as some ways you can…

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Is Your New Normal a Big Tension Headache?

Headache Tension New York, NY

Since news of the novel coronavirus first came out, American lives, and lives around the world, were changed. Life as you knew it came to a halt in one way or another. Now, there is a new reality to contend with. The stress of this new world can cause serious headache pain as tension mounts…

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Tired athlete runner man exhausted with headache.

Low back pain is routinely one of the top 2 or 3 reasons to visit a doctor in America and a leading cause of missed time at work. In fact, about 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. There can be many causes of low back pain, ranging…

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Elbow Pain is Never Funny

Doctor consulting with patient. Elbow muscule pain problems.

When you smack your elbow just right and feel an explosion of painful sensations, you may say you just hit your funny bone, or in some areas, it is called the crazy bone. Actually, when that happens, it signals that the ulna nerve has been compressed right in the area where it has the least…

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COVID-19 and Chronic Pain

This COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak can be a difficult time for all Americans, especially those living with chronic pain. Here are a few helpful tips from our Pain Management Specialists at Caliber Pain to maintain good physical and mental health while at home. 1) As per the CDC guidelines for infection prevention, wash your hands often,…

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Your Aging Spine and Spinal Stenosis

Aging Patient New York, NY

Your spinal cord travels from the brain down to the lumbar area of your vertebral column. The vertebrae in the spine protect these nerves. At different places, the nerves branch off to innervate respective parts of the body. Therefore, when there is a problem in one part of your back, symptoms might be expressed elsewhere,…

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The Complexity of Pain

Portrait of sporty woman putting her hand on injury shoulder.

When you are in pain, the main focus is on finding a way to stop or minimize it. If you are experiencing pain, you are one among the 55% of American adults who report having had some pain within the past three months. Chronic pain sufferers number over an estimated 25 million adults. These individuals…

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6 Benefits of Interventional Pain Treatments

Woman feeling sick holding head and stomach in pain.

Pain management has changed drastically in the last decade. More pain physicians and specialists are offering interventional pain treatments that are geared to stopping pain at the source. With the opioid crisis and more focus on relieving chronic pain without narcotics, interventional pain treatments offer a more effective and safer option for long-term chronic pain…

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Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Reduced Knee Arthritis Pain

Athelte man running in New York City street wearing sport clothes.

Hyaluronic acid injections are popular cosmetic treatments that can fill in lines and wrinkles or plump lips. But did you know that hyaluronic acid injections can also be beneficial for painful joints? If you suffer from joint pain, you may be able to get relief from viscosupplementation, or hyaluronic acid injections. Here is what you…

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